Book launch for two landmark books on anarchist communism

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Recently two important books on anarchist communism have appeared. They both seek to reclaim the tradition of anarchist communism, and both have been written by veterans of the anarchist communist movement. The first to appear has been A Defence of Anarchist Communism by Brian Morris, followed by The Idea: Anarchist Communism, Past, Present and Future. Brian has been defending the “integrity, importance and contemporary relevance of anarchist communism as a historical movement and as a political tradition” for more than 40 years in pamphlets, articles, books and letters. In Defence of Anarchist Communism is a very valuable book, and one that will hopefully rehabilitate anarchist communism and bring it to the attention of many new readers. As Brian writes: “…it is important to recognise and stress the vitality and continuing relevance of anarchist communism as a political tradition. Like all social movements, anarchist communism is complex, diverse, and ever-changing, open and responding to new events and new ideas…”

Nick Heath’s book seeks to rehabilitate the current of anarchist-communism and make it better known and understood; and to renovate and modernise it. It offers a prehistory of the idea of anarchist communism, its origins in the First International and extensive chapters on the history of anarchist communism in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. As such it will be the first comprehensive work on anarchist communism, one where it is not sidelined or where it ends up as a footnote.

Both authors will present their books and there will be time for questions and answers. There will be food and refreshments provided.

The event is sponsored by Housmans Bookshop, who will be providing a stall.

Come along to find out about the amazing idea of anarchist communism!

Anarchist Communism: Launch of Two Landmark Books
Eventbrite – Anarchist Communist Group presents Anarchist Communism: Launch of Two Landmark Books – Saturday, November 19, 2022 at May Day Rooms, London, England. Find event and ticket information.

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