Are you affiliated to any political parties?


Who runs your organisation? Who is the boss?

Nobody, we are self governed.

What is anti-capitalism?

Anti-capitalism is a political ideology and movement encompassing a variety of attitudes and ideas that oppose capitalism. In this sense, anti-capitalists are those who wish to replace capitalism with another type of economic system, such as socialism or communism.



What are your aims?

To resist capitalism at all costs.

Can anyone join?

Yes, anyone who sees through the lies of the capitalist system is welcome to join us.

What are your views on LGBT issues?

We do not have any.

How much is membership of the ACU?

Completely free of charge. We do not charge a membership fee because, unlike other unions we have zero expenses aside from this website. We rely on donations to keep this up and running and make improvements if funding allows.

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Are you Communists?


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