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Help Anarchists in Ukraine resist the War and the Winter cold!

Assembly is an online Anarchist communication group from Kharkiv, Ukraine ( Since the start of the aggression of the Army of the Russian Federation this group has firmly taken a stance in support of Anarchism and Internationalism, under difficult circumstances.

Under the bombs of the Russian Federation, they participate in actions of fundamental solidarity and civil resistance without sinking to support for the Ukrainian government. On the contrary, they maintain a critical stand regarding the Ukrainian state and its leaders (whether national, regional or local), have exposed corruption at various levels of the administration and internal war profiteers. Assembly continues to give information to the workers and criticises local bosses who profit from the situation to increase exploitation of Ukrainian workers.

Assembly supports Anarchist, anti-state and anti-war principles loudly and clearly, while most “anarchist” individuals and groups jettisoned their principles as soon as the invasion began.

Because of the Russian army’s destruction of essential infrastructure these companions lack heating, and winter is especially severe in that part of the world. The energy crisis that already effects many of us will be even more severe there. That is why we have launched an urgent call for support of the members of Assembly, to help them with the approaching winter.

– you can make an online donation using their platform:

– You can also send checks in European currencies to the CNT-AIT (mention “Solidarité Ukraine” on the back) al CNT-AIT, 7 rue ST Rémésy 31000 TULUZO.

– you can make a bank transaction (in Euros) to the following account (please send an e-mail to [email protected]é.online to let us know about the transaction):

IBAN: FR81 2004 1010 1603 1175 7H03 7 45 BIC: PSSTFRPPTO

Account holder: CNT-AIT / Bank: Banque Postale

The companions of Olga Taratuta [email protected]

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