You are currently viewing Please help us out by testing the new libcom theme

Please help us out by testing the new libcom theme

And if you spot any issues please let us know here in the comments. If people could try it out on different browsers and devices that would also be great. In particular if people could take a look on iPhones and on Mac with Safari that would be good.
The test site with the new theme is here:
There are still some bugs with it which we have spotted and will be fixed, but I’m sure we have missed some things.
In particular, the new theme shouldn’t have blue links and blue features like the old theme, so if you spot any of them please let us know (NB the admin pages like submitting content etc haven’t had the theme updated yet).
Also, on mobile some of the fonts are too big, and there is an issue with the logo in the menu, so this should be changed later.
We need any feedback as soon as possible. So please do take a look, have a play around and let us know if you spot any problems! Many thanks

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