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hi, I wasn’t aware of that index, so a scan of that would be great! Or a typed up/OCR version would be even better!

I’ve done a PDF – the OCR has turned out to be a bit of a pig because of the format – I’ll post them both when I’ve done.


Is the Belgian general strike pamphlet this? if so what number is it?

Yes and no. That’s just Maurice Brinton’s contribution. There was also a short piece by Bob Pennington. This was an ‘Agitator””New Generation’ pamphlet (I think New Generation was the ILP’s Young Socialist League paper). Unlike most early Solidarity pamphlets it had a photolitho cover with photographs – presumably the YSLs contribution.


If you could scan any others you have it would be really appreciated.

While I’m sorting out the OCR on the index here’s the list of pamphlets and books from it. It’s worth stressing the index was drawn up by London Solidarity and isn’t a complete list of the pamphlets produced by the other Solidarity groups although it includes a lot of them. At the end I’ve added a list of post-1972 numbered London pamphlets (which may not be complete) and one or two pamphlets from other local Solidarity groups. If you’d like to work on an updated list of what you haven’t got I’ll help out with some. (I don’t have unlimited free time but I can slot the odd pamphlet in easily enough – well provided they’re not like the index anyhow).

From the 1972 Index :


1. RENAULT WORKERS FIGHT SACKINGS. A graphic account of the struggle, in the autumn of 1960, at the Renault works in Paris and Le Mans (written by rank-and-file French metal workers).

2. BELGIUM, THE GENERAL STRIKE (an ‘Agitator’-‘New Generation’ publication). An eye-witness account, in the form of a diary, of strikebound Brussels and Liege during December 1960 and January 1961.

3. WHAT NEXT FOR ENGINEERS by Ken Weller. A cool look at some of the problems facing engineering workers. Denounced by both the Economic League and the leaders of the A.E.U.

4. ‘BY THEIR WORDS YE SHALL KNOW THEM’. Selected correspondence, fully annotated, between the ‘National Secretary’ and certain ex-SLL members. A documented exposure of ‘democratic centralism’ in action.

5. THE STANDARD-TRIUMPH STRIKE by Tom Hillier, AEU, Jim Petter, AEU, and Ken Weller, AEU. The story of an ‘unofficial’ dispute. Introduction by the Secretary of the Strike Committee.

6. THE MEANING OF SOCIALISM by Paul Cardan. What is a socialist programme? The real contradiction in capitalist production. Socialist values. The case for workers’ management of production. A Solidarity classic (nearly 3000 copies sold).

7. THE WORKERS OPPOSITION by Alexandra Kollontai. A fully annotated account of the anti-bureaucratic struggle of 1920-1921 within the Russian Bolshevik Party. 80 pages.

8. THE B.L.S.P. DISPUTE by K. Weller. The story of a long, bitter, ‘unofficial’ strike in North London. How the union leaders acted.

9. THE CIVIL DEFENCE FRAUD by A. Anderson. How one man’s stand against bureaucratic authority brought real issues to the attention of thousands.

10. THE 100 VERSUS THE STATE (jointly with I.L.P.). The socialist implications of mass civil disobedience and direct action. Trafalgar Square, Wethersfield, the trial of the Six.

11. SOCIALISM OR BARBARISM. A redefinition of socialist objectives in the light of the events of the last 50 years. The text of the Paris Conference of May 1961.

12. TRUTH ABOUT VAUXHALL by K. Weller. A study of new managerial techniques. Better wages… but at what cost?

13. HOMELESS. The effects of the Rent Act and of the labour-controlled LCC’s administration of the ‘half-way houses’. The case for direct action, presented by the homeless themselves.

14. RESISTANCE SHALL GROW (jointly with ILP, London Federation of Anarchists and Syndicalist Workers Federation). A bureaucratic dream comes to grief. The implications and repercussions of the ‘Spies for Peace’ disclosures.

15. THE RSGs 1919-1963 by N. Walter. The Regional Seats of Government – or how our rulers prepare for civil war, conventional war and nuclear war.

16. BUSMEN, WHAT NEXT? Three busmen, an ex-busman and an engineer discuss the problems facing London busmen and suggest some solutions.

17. GLASGOW BUSMEN IN ACTION by Bob Potter and some rank-and-file Glasgow busmen. The full story of the Glasgow bus strike of April 1964.

18. STUDENTS IN REVOLT. The battle of Berkeley Campus. The first, upsurge against the University as ‘knowledge factory’.

19. THE LABOUR GOVERNMENT VERSUS THE DOCKERS, 1945-1951. Governmental strike-breaking with Labour in power (how it was done last time).
A reprint from Solidarity vol. III, no. 4.

20. VIETNAM by Bob Potter. Useful background information on all the participants. The revolutionary socialist case.

21. K.C.C. VERSUS THE HOMELESS (jointly with Socialist Action). The story of King Hill Hostel, West Mailing. How a local authority was successfully challenged. Do-it-yourself politics in practice. Includes a postscript on how victory was achieved.

22. MOUNT ISA (The Great Queensland Strike) by Bretta Carthey and Bob Potter. The greatest labour dispute in post-war Australian history. Two thousand miners against the employers, the State authorities and the bureaucrats of the Australian Workers Union.

23. THE CRISIS OF MODERN SOCIETY by P. Cardan. The interlocking crises in work, politics, values, education, the family and relations between the sexes.

24. FROM BOLSHEVISM TO THE BUREAUCRACY by P. Cardan (jointly with Solidarity Glasgow). On various kinds of bureaucracy. Bolshevik theory and practice in relation to the management of production.

25. THE RAPE OF VIETNAM by Bob Potter. More background material on the participants. The struggle analysed in its wider context.

26. WHAT HAPPENED AT FORDS by K. Weller, AEU and E. Stanton, NUVB. The story of the 1962 strike. How management and unions together helped destroy job organisation.

27. THE KRONSTADT COMMUNE by Ida Mett. The full story, at last, of the 1921 events. The first proletarian uprising against the bureaucracy. Contains hitherto unavailable documents and a full bibliography.

28. THE DEATH OF CND AS PERFORMED BY THE GROSVENOR SQUARE DEMONSTRATORS UNDER THE DIRECTION OF THEMSELVES ALONE. 15,000 people in Grosvenor Square despite the Establishment, the police, the pacifists, the Communist Party and the S.L.L.

29. GREEK TRAGEDY by Bob Potter. How the colonels seized power – and why they have (so far) retained it. Stalinism and the destruction of the Greek Left.

30. PARIS : MAY 1968 by Maurice Brinton. An eye-witness account of great events. The first historic vindication of our analysis of modern capitalism and of the nature of its crises.

31. THE GREAT FLINT SIT-DOWN STRIKE AGAINST GENERAL MOTORS, 1936-7 by Walter Linder. How to struggle… and win. On the need for a new strike strategy.

32. G.M.W.U. : SCAB UNION by Mark Fore. A close look at one of Britain’s biggest unions. Are the unions still working class organisations?

33. THE IRRATIONAL IN POLITICS by Maurice Brinton. How modern society conditions its slaves to accept their slavery. Sexual repression and authoritarian conditioning – in both Western and Eastern contexts.

34. SOCIALLY-RESPONSIBLE SCIENTISTS OR SOLDIER-TECHNICIANS? The social function of science in a class society – and the challenge to scientists. The Durham Resolution and its aftermath.

35. THE COMMUNE (PARIS 1871) by P. Guillaume and M. Grainger. The first proletarian attempt at total self-management. An analysis of the various interpretations (from Marx to Trotsky).

36. SORTING OUT THE POSTAL STRIKE by Joe Jacobs. An ex-postal worker describes a bitter, prolonged and unsuccessful strike. How NOT to wage the industrial struggle.

37. STRATEGY FOR INDUSTRIAL STRUGGLE by Mark Fore. How to link the struggle at the place of work, with the overall objective of workers’ management of production.

38. HISTORY AND REVOLUTION (A critique of historical materialism) by Paul Cardan. A further enquiry into the ‘unmarxist in Marx’. Can essentially capitalist conceptual categories be applied to precapitalist and non-capitalist societies?

39. UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT? (The story of the Fisher-Bendix Occupation) by Joe Jacobs. Includes a discussion of the possibilities and limitations of occupations in general.

40. WORKERS COUNCILS AND THE ECONOMICS OF SELF-MANAGEMENT. The libertarian socialist alternative to private capitalism and to bureaucratic state capitalism. From workers’ management of the factory to workers’ management of society.

41. AS WE DON’T SEE IT. An elaboration .of the ‘Solidarity-statement ‘As We See It’, … specially designed for those who couldn’t read between the lines.

42. CEYLON : THE J.V.P. UPRISING. The ‘official’ left in power puts down an insurrection and maintains a reign of terror. How Britain, Russia, China and the USA achieved unity … to suppress the uprising.

OTHER SOLIDARITY PAMPHLETS (not numbered in previous series)

SOCIALISM REAFFIRMED. A translation of the Editorial in vol. I, no.1
of the French journal ‘Socialisme ou Barbarie1, The first text produced by the Socialism Reaffirmed group.

THE SOCIALIST PROGRAMME. Among the most dangerous and reactionary currents against which working class power will have to struggle will be not only bourgeois restorationist ones, but bureaucratic currents, opposed to total workers’ self-management.

WAR III by A. Anderson (Solidarity) and Don Bannister (Common Wealth), The war that has already begun – and how it is shaping our lives.

KRONSTADT ’21 by Victor Serge, An erstwhile supporter of the Bolsheviks re-examines the facts and draws disturbing conclusions.
A reprint from Solidarity vol. I. no.7.

ZNACZENIE SOCJALIZMU (The Meaning of Socialism), The first translation of a Solidarity pamphlet into an Eastern European language.

THE STRUGGLE FOR SELF-MANAGEMENT (An open letter to I.S. comrades). On the relations between types of revolutionary organisation and the types of society they are likely to bring about.


MODERN CAPITALISM AND REVOLUTION by Paul Cardan, The problems of our society (bureaucratisation, political apathy, alienation in production, consumption and leisure). What are revolutionary politics today? A fundamental critique of the trad. Left.

HUNGARY ’56 by Andy Anderson, The first large-scale anti-bureaucratic revolution. The role and programme of the Workers Councils. A prototype of revolutions to come against State Capitalism.

THE BOLSHEVIKS AND WORKERS CONTROL 1917-1921 (The State and Counter- revolution) by Maurice Brinton. ‘Workers control’ or workers’ selfmanagement? The story of the early oppositions. An analysis of the formative years of the Russian bureaucracy.


CIVIL DEFENCE AND DIRECT ACTION. A Solidarity (Reading) pamphlet. Reprints from Solidarity vol.II, nos.3, 5 and 7° On how to make the most of local Council meetings.

THE FATE OF MARXISM (a Solidarity Clydeside pamphlet). Can a theory which set out not only to interpret the world but to change it be dissociated from its historical repercussions? (A reprint from Solidarity vol.IV, no.3.)

REVOLUTIONARY ORGANISATION. A Solidarity Clydeside reprint of articles appearing in Solidarity vol.I, nos. 4, 5 and 6. What is not to be done. The libertarian alternative.

CAPITALISM AND CONSCIOUSNESS. A Solidarity Clydeside reprint of some interesting articles by J. Evrard first published in Solidarity (Scotland) vol. II, nos. 3 and 4 and in Solidarity vol.III, no. 10. Also contains an article by P. Cardan on ‘Working Class Consciousness’, first published in Solidarity vol. II, nos. 2 and 3.


DAMNED – A Solidarity (South London) pamphlet. ‘The People1 versus Roy Mills. An adjudication on the Press Council by Andy Anderson.

THE SQUATTERS. A Solidarity (South London) pamphlet. A critique of the Ilford Campaign and of the settlement achieved.

MAIL ORDER MILLIONS. A Solidarity (North West) pamphlet. Wages, hours and conditions of work in the mail order business.

BUILDING WORKERS PAY DEAL. A Solidarity (North West) pamphlet. How the 1970 pay deal was foisted on building workers by management and unions.

FROM SPARTAKISM TO NATIONAL BOLSHEVISM. A Solidarity (Aberdeen) pamphlet. The flood and ebb of the German Revolution between 1918 and 1923. The strengths and weaknesses of the Workers Councils in an advanced industrial country.

THESES ON THE CHINESE REVOLUTION by Cajo Brendel. A Solidarity (Aberdeen) pamphlet. How state capitalism (in Bolshevik garb) came to China. The end of the ‘Cultural Revolution’ and the emergence of the new class.

THE FIGHT AGAINST UNEMPLOYMENT. A Solidarity (Swansea) pamphlet. Some myths about wage claims. Productivity deals analysed. A call to step up the fight.


43. Vietnam : Whose Victory? Bob Potter
44. Redefining Revolution. Paul Cardan
45. The Lordstown Struggle and the Real Crisis in Production. Ken Weller
46. Theses on the Chinese Revolution. Cajo Brendel.
47. Trade Unionism or Socialism. The revolt against work. John Zerzan
48. Women in the Spanish Revolution. Liz Willis.
49. On Spontaneity and Organisation. Murray Bookchin.
50. A Contribution To The Critique Of Marx. John Crump.
51. The New Movement. Henri Simon.
52. Bureacrats and Women Cleaners. The Durham Experience. Lynda Finn and Gavin Williams
53. On The Buses. Penny Fair.
54. History As Creation. C. Castoriadis.
55. Czechoslovakia 1968. What Socialism? What Human Face? Petr Cerny.
56. A Fresh Look At Lenin. Andy Brown.


History and Revolution – Discussion Bulletin 1. A critique by Bob Potter of Cardan’s ‘History and Revolution’ (Pamphlet 38) and a reply by Brinton. (1971).

The Lump. A Heretical Analysis. Dave Lamb.

Mutinies: 1917-1920. Dave Lamb.


Urban Devastation. James Finlayson. Solidarity (Oxford) (This is listed as Oxford pamphlet No 2 – I don’t know what Oxford No. 1 was – I think Mutinies came later)

Housing, Rents and the Tenants Struggle in Scotland. Tom Woolley. Solidarity (Clydeside)

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