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The Black Panther: newspaper of the Black Panther Party


CAN ANYONE HELP ME-find a picture/article in the black panther newspaper??? I have been searching for years! The picture is of ME. It was taken in Chicago, in the housing project around 1968-1972. probably closer to 1970. The picture shows a blond haired,Caucasian little girl-ME around 4 or 5 years old holding a free gallon of milk along with other little children (black & white) getting free milk also. My mother kept this article for a long time, then it was destroyed when my house burnt down. IT WOULD MEAN THE WORLD TO ME IF I COULD SEE THIS ARTICLE AGAIN! if anyone could help I would REALLY REALLY APPRICIATE IT! please email me at [email protected]

hey, that’s cool that you were in the paper! Have you checked all of the issues uploaded above?

Very sorry about losing it and your house burning down, that sucks. But hopefully we can track it down, so yeah let us know if you have checked the above issues and that helps narrow down the search

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