The posties union is making it clear that bosses can't 'treat their workers like dirt'

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) has urged the bosses at Royal Mail to “consider their positions”. It came as a ballot for strike action rejected Royal Mail’s attempts to force what the CWU describe as an “erosion of workplace rights”.

Growing discontent

On 17 August, the CWU voted in a second ballot to enter into formal dispute over pay and conditions. Members voted by 98.7% on a 72.2% turnout. This complemented a 97.6% ‘yes’ vote on a 77% turnout for strike action over pay in July.

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Postal workers will also be striking over pay on:

  • Friday 26 August.
  • Wednesday 31 August.
  • Thursday 8 September.
  • Friday 9 September.

The CWU has called out those looking to replace postal workers with scabs during the strikes:

According to CWU general secretary Dave Ward, they’re having some success in naming and shaming job agencies:

A country ‘growing sick of business elite’

Ward said on 17 August:

Today’s result is another rejection of those at the top of Royal Mail, who should consider their positions. Postal workers in this country are being pushed to the edge, but there can be no doubt that they will fight the planned erosion of their workplace rights with determination.

Right now, this country is growing sick of a business elite who are completely out of touch with ordinary people and their lives. Things are getting harder and harder for normal working people so that incompetent bosses can have an easy life. But this union will fight this disgraceful state of affairs every step of the way.

The CWU’s message to Royal Mail’s management is simple: do right by your workers.

‘Treating our members like they are dirt’

Moreover, CWU deputy general secretary Terry Pullinger said:

Our members, who worked miracles during the pandemic, are being treated with complete contempt. The ongoing attempts of Royal Mail Group to whittle away people’s hard-won working conditions will be met with fierce opposition.

For far too long now, Royal Mail Group have been trying to pick a fight, treating our members like they are the dirt they walk on. But Royal Mail Group have completely failed to recognise the strength of feeling that exists against them.

In these times, working people need more security on the job, not less, and we won’t be backing down until we secure an acceptable solution for our members.

Meanwhile, the CWU has been calling out the ruling party for their interventions on the matter:

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