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Great. Yes we have all Virus issues at The Sparrows’ Nest but we have been busy with other material in the last year or so. How can we see easily what has already been uploaded? Also I’ve been discussing this with one of Libcom collective in the last week or so as follows as there is useful material on AF old website including content list text for many issues:

AF has already got all of Resistance and most of Organise! as a fairly handy archive in PDF and some HTML for older issues.
What we have all nicely listed on and
For Resistance the PDFs are all available as resistX.pdf where X is 1-162
However note that the contents lists for later issues of Resistance are only found on the latest CMS site starting on (then more recent issues on pages 1-10).

Organise is in PDF from issue 56 e.g.
and some earlier issues as HTML.
For the very early issues and Virus (which became Organise! at issue 14) we’d need to scan in which will happen at some point via The Sparrows’ Nest library and archive here in Nottingham.
*** update – those that RobberBurns has not done already – thanks!!

As you can see on the above webpages there is text for contents of Organise! and some Resistances. You’ll also find a full index of content for issues 14-29 of Organise! even though the content is not all online yet. See

We also have a few special issues (including Desist spoof issues) and ‘Irish Resistance’ 4-10 e.g.

A libcom archive of everything would be clearly a great thing to have.

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